Most valuable bag

Sunday, April 15th, 2007

Burger King just about rips off TX A&M with one of their burger bags.

“In football, the “twelfth man” is a crowd that helps a team to victory through cheer. This bag, emblazoned with a #12 on its bottom, is like the twelfth man of your lunch. Because while you can’t actually eat it, the meal you are about to enjoy wouldn’t bepossible without this MVB.”

I checked the A&M trademarks page for possible violations, but it looks like TAMU only uses the “12th Man®” phrase with numerals, not all spelled out.

That pretty much deflates my post, because I was going to get pissed about it. I mean, the seahawks already tried to steal the twelfth man, and now a burger chain was trying to.

But, no. They weaseled around it, so… nevermind.

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