Currently I have several things in the works. As I get more into each of them, I’ll add resource links that I found useful.

– Baby
Self-explanatory (I hope). Allison’s actually doing most of the work, but I am officially a “Husband Childbirth Coach” I guess.

– Website
I’m still getting it up and running. Nothing real fancy, but I’ll be adding to the articles and baby section often enough. Someday I’ll update the photos section. I’ve got some great pictures, I promise.

– Job
I work at Penn’s Cave. I was hired as a tour guide for the off-season because I could work full-time, unlike most of the students they hire. Then I was asked my opinion on getting a falconry program here. I managed to convince my boss that a rehabilitated bird would be easier to start with, and better for education programs. So now I get to do that. We’re bringing Shaver’s Creek out to do a Bird of Prey show, and then I’ll get to work on designing and constructing the enclosure, securing the permits, and food, and the birds.

They’ve also asked me to look at reworking the cavern tour script and gear it more for school groups. I’ve also contacted a lady who rehabs bats and does educational programs with them, so we may strike up a partnership there (I mean, hey, it’s a cave, right?)

Oh, yeah – I’m also training for the wildlife tour and writing my own script to use for that (more interactive education while still entertaining.) I love it though. It finally seems like my Wildlife Science degree and all my camp/education experience are coming together in one place. My boss is really excited about developing some education programs, and I’m ready for the challenge.

– Essential Nutrition
My other job is a home-business where I teach people how to earn an extra paycheck by using and sharing some fantastic diet and nutrition products that really work. The only thing keeping me from making a ton of money at this is my fear of just asking people if they’re interested in something like that. When I get passed that first step, I do well, but getting there is often a challenge.

The company I represent came out with a new product that is just fabulous. It’s a nutrition/energy bar made from whole foods instead of isolates and sugar (like many). This bar is approved for retail sale, so my next project here is to try and get some bars into a few retail stores. I’ll get to handle the inventory and everything, so it’ll be a great learning experience. It should also be great exposure for the company and products. I just need to remember to breathe, go slowly, and relax.

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