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Saturday, July 29th, 2006

I gave up on windows. Between the old Compaq laptop not liking the reinstall disc, and XP d ing a d sc n ct e ery f w s conds on the wireless… I gave it the boot. Currently running Xubuntu 6.06 (zoo boon too) on the desktop and I’m going to put Edubuntu on the laptop. The other laptop still has XP and Allison has her work macbook.

I chose Xubuntu because the Ubuntu user forums are fantastic, and I didn’t want all the bloat etc that comes on Ubuntu or Kubuntu. (Although Kubuntu is very nice and I used that for a while) Xubuntu uses a desktop manager called XFCE and it’s very lightweigh and bloat-free. It’s not quite as configurabale as KDE on Kububtu but it’s good enough for me.

Linux definately takes some learning. But that was always my complaints about macs… they assume that everyone wants a function to work the same way. That and one-button-mouse issues… I’ve actually reformatted this HDD several times with different linux “distros” (flavors) and redone ubuntu a couple times as well.

at the moment, I’m taking a break from installing MythTV on this box. MythTV acts like a digital video recorder on the computer. I run the TV cable through a card on the computer and record the shows I want to watch later. Like TiVO without the monthly fees. The idea is to record shows down here, then burn them to a DVD and watch them upstairs or whatever, but I’ve got to get it running first. I’ve thought about reviving the other desktop on the floor and using knoppmyth on a dedicated box, but I’d rather just run it in a background session on this machine and refurbish the other one later.
Doing things like “compiling source code” still makes no sense to me. It’s kind of like copying off someone else’s chemistry test… the answers are there and I have no frigg’n clue what it means, but it seems to get the results I’m looking for.

and on.


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