I voted… sort of.

Tuesday, November 7th, 2006

I went in with every intention to vote today. I was pissed that there was not a single Green party candidate on the sample ballot I saw, but I thought I’d vote for the lesser of the evils. However, I never actually saw the real ballot.

We just moved, and I changed my address with the DMV, and they said they would forward the address to the registry of voters. So I didn’t know if I’d vote at my old polling place or a new one. The old one worked fine. I got checked in, went to go to the machine and someone had to “get it set up for me.” I was sure that we weren’t getting electronic voting machines, but I was wrong. I asked for a paper ballot and was told “It’s electronic or nothing.”

“Fine. This fkng sucks. Scratch my name off, I’m not voting.”

Blank stares.

“Just record him as a canceled ballot.”

Yay. I wonder if that counts as “none of the above” like in “Brewster’s Millions”?

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