Second Child

I tried for a while to save the domain name for our kids, and run a blog about each of them. This is from Rowan’s (birth name Ruth).

Ruth Laurel
boy. I should check this more often
October 4th, 2007 at 5:33 pm (daily life)

I’ve been putting a few posts and video over at
Quick over view: she started crawling @ 6months, walking @ 9 1/2 months, running shortly after that. Spent the summer in NY at the cabin, birthday at Nana/Pop Pop’s place. Ear infection over and done while I was out of state in August, everything’s fine now. She is just now cutting molars: 4 at a time (yay).

Ruth is very physical and agile. She runs, climbs and beats Eddy up all the time. She’s a good eater and a snuggle bug. Lots of pictures and some video that just hasn’t made it online yet. I’ll get to it.


6 months now
February 24th, 2007 at 10:14 am (Uncategorized)

Ruth had her checkup the other day and is doing fine. Still no sicknesses, ear infections etc. Her first tooth cut a couple days after the checkup, she started crawling a little (actual crawling, not just “commando”) and decided standing was better.

Stats: 26 3/4 ” long
14 lbs 14 oz
43.7 cm head circ.

Why the heck does the medical system use 2 different systems for measurement. Go all English or give it up and go metric like the rest of the world. nevermind

She’s generally happy. Ruth definitely knows what she wants and how to get it. If she’s interested in exploring, don’t try to play. Standing and holding onto fingers or the walker is much more enjoyable than crawling. Now she can sit and play with thing. In fact, this morning was her first experience in a restaurant high chair and it went very well.

We’ve introduced spoon foods, and she still takes a bottle. She’s just about given up nursing, but not completely. Favorite food seems to be sweet peas. They spray really well when she goes “PBBbbBBBBBBBBbbbBBB!!!”

There’s this funny thing about giving her a bottle… she needs her head covered with a blanket. Otherwise she’ll grab and push the bottle away, grab your face or anything else she can reach. The blanket gives her something to hold onto and rub on her eyes. Of course, it also gives her a weapon to grab with both hands and sweep away the bottle from time to time.

Allison took her to a high school dance marathon last night. Where Eddy cowered from the noise and people and lights and mascots, she apparently grooved to the bass beat and had a grand time with all the people and stimulation.

Time to baby-proof the house, I guess

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