[this was the about page for my old site at one point]

The photo gallery link is on the right, and separate blogs for Eddy & Ruth are listed as well. Most of the good stuff will go here though. Eddy sometimes types his own stuff, and I’ll put updates on the others when I remember, but mostly I’m just saving their domain names to be nerdy.

Welcome friends and family. Most of you are just checking in on Eddy & Ruth, and that’s fine.

If you’d like to add comments about a particular post (or video) make sure you use the “register” link on the right. That’s to prevent unwanted messages and junk. I love to read comments … even the short ones.

I have set up some Ads by Google on the pages. If I make money great, but at least I can start “writing off” my webhosting expenses. Please don’t click on any ads unless you have a genuine interest in what is being advertised.

Some of my “product review” pages have links off-site that pay me a referral fee on sales. My reviews are honest and accurately reflect my experience with a product. If you know me, you know I have no tolerance for B.S. I don’t put up with it and wouldn’t waste either of our time with it. Again, please only follow the links if you have a genuine interest.

Thanks for stopping by.

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