New Years Parking

January 1st, 2011

My friend gave us some passes / buttons to go downtown to State College First Night this year. Last year I mean. Last night? Anyhow, First Night has ice sculptures and performers and such, so we decided to go.
After about 10 minutes in traffic (that’s for 2 blocks), we found a garage with “1″ opening left according to the sign. As we pull the van in, the sign changes to “FULL” and the gate comes crashing down. Quick brake check and the gate stops inches from the hood. Now we wait for the gate to raise as someone else comes out and it’s our turn.
me: “what was tha…. oh shit! the luggage box!”
I completely forgot that I put a luggage box for the kids skis on top of the van a couple days ago. Now it’s wedged between the roof of the car and the concrete of the garage. And there’s people trying to get in behind us.

It’s not one of those new, fancy, click-and-go racks or a custom fit model. I had to drill holes and mount funny-shaped brackets to get it to sit on the roof the first time. Luckily it was easier to remove. I just had to hang half in the box to reach the thumb-screws (all 8) and hope to not drop the hardware, yank the box off the roof and toss it in the car, leaning against the kids.
Now we’re ready for the night to begin.

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