Been working on the house a little while Allison is away with the kids on vacation.
Finished the bathroom, kitchen and stairs. Yay.
Sold the coal stove and most of the coal. hmm. well she wanted it done.
Cleaned out the basement/family room. Yay.
Decided to leave the library/closet/shit room. Didn’t want to mess with it. One section of the finished basement room was walled off into a biggish closet. So I put some shelves up and made it the library and extra clothes closet. Then shit just got piled up in there because you can shut the door and forget about it. Well I decided to move the cheap cabinet units out because they were empty anyway. Then I moved out the empty dresser in the corner, and discovered green stuff all over the just-a-minute-ago-white blanket. Mold. The ENTIRE corner is full of mold and the carpet is damp. Now I’m fixinta wash all the cloth stuff that was in there and decide what books to keep. The books touching the carpet show/feel damp, but the shelves look okay so far. I can’t decide what’s worse: the cat used the pile of clothes as a piss-pot when his box wasn’t clean enough, or there’s water seeping in somewhere. I kinda hope it’s the cat cause he just ran away (I let him out while the stairs were wet and he hasn’t come back) and won’t piss in there again. But it doesn’t smell as bad as it should if it were piss, so I think there’s a seep somewhere.

sigh. I was going to go back up to the family vacation tomorrow, but between getting called back to work (at least tomorrow) and this it might be a couple more days.


Thought I’d post this to facebook to see what would happen. Haven’t posted on my wall yet. It’s too long. How can “What’s on your mind” be limited to 420 characters or whatever? Do most people have small thoughts that aren’t worth getting all out at once? Or are people’s attention spans shorter than 420 characters?

Yes this is cross-posted. Deal.

[update, the cat came back and is still alive in 2022]

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